Happy Thanksgiving!!






Remembering Thanksgiving


Holidays with the family, what a wonderful thing. Spending time with your family and friends is a honor in itself. Think of all the wonderful times you shared together. The stories, the laughter, the fun, the memories… the memories.

As wonderful as it can be, it can also be a time of great sorrow for those who have lost loved ones along the way. Wether recently or years ago, the sadness of their loss never ceases. We can take advantage of the holidays and look at them as a time to happily remember and honor our lost loved ones by sharing their stories, maybe light a candle at the dinner table in their honor, or even start a new tradition in their name! These are the times to reflect and be joyful about the people in our lives, past or present… and be happy and thankful they are a part of your life!

Let us also be mindful of those who are ill or hurt and unable to celebrate the holidays as we can. Like those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, that have lost or have begun losing their memories. It is up to us to hold their memories safe for them. We have the responsibility to listen to every moment and memory shared with us by another and to honor that person by sharing them with others. That is truly how we live forever, in the hearts of those we love and respect.

This Thanksgiving, don’t just Give Thanks… show it. Show it by listening, cherising, and sharing the love and memories that someone was kind enough to share with you.


With Love and Respect,

Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

In Loving Memory of Jo Amer

A thoughful donation was made to Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

In Loving Memory of Jo Amer.

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The best gift is helping our loved ones save their memories!!




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double donation


In Memory of Arlene L. Michaelson

A loving donation has been made to Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

In The Memory of Arlene L. Michaelson.

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Our hearts go out to her friends and family.

In Loving Memory of Muriel Nevdal

Many thoughtful donations have been made to Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

In Loving Memory of Muriel Nevdal.

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She will be missed.

Happy Veterans Day… Thank You!!!

Happy Veterans Day to ALL of those who have served our country!!


This monument only works one day a year, Veterans Day!!!



Alzheimer’s Disease… Things You Should Know

Please read this article by Medical New Today to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease.

Click the link below.



November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!!


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