Wishing You a Wonderful New Year!!!

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Remembering and Honoring Those We Love

red heartAlzheimer’s Research Foundation would like to Thank ALL of you for your recent donations. Some of these doantions have been made in the memory of a loved one or in honor of those they love…

 A donation was made In the Memory of Eddie Gray

A donation was made in the Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schofield and Family

What Is Alzheimer’s Research Foundation Thankful For… YOU!!!

It’s that time of year when we all remind ourselves what and who we are Thankful for.

Well, Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is Thankful for many things but it all comes down to YOU!

YOU... the doctors, scientists and researchers that are dedicated to Alzheimer’s research and finding a cure.

YOU… the healthcare staff and volunteers who care for those suffering with this disease.

YOU… the caregivers, it is you who this disease is most hard on because it is your loved ones that are suffering. You sacrifice so much to care for them and for that, we are grateful!

YOU… the supporters and volunteers of not just our foundation but any and all foundations that support Alzheimer’s disease.

YOU… the donators to any and all foundations but we would like to send out a special Thank you to those of you who have donated  to us, Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Our focus is supporting research to finding a CURE for this horrible disease and without YOU, we could not do it. So, once again and forever, we say THANK YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE out there! Please don’t forget to say

Thank you to the special people in your life!


Support Alzheimer’s and Shop for Christmas at the SAME TIME!!!

1373885282_bravelet-bracelet-purpleCheck out these BEAUTIFUL bracelets called BRAVELETS!!

They make great gifts for Christmas all while supporting research for a CURE to Alzheimer’s!!!

Ten dollars form each Bravelet will be donated to Alzheimer’s Research Foundation!!



Thank you for your donation…

A loving and thoughful donation was made to Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

In The Memory of Gloria Hill

Thank you for your support!

It’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!!!

Happy Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!!!

Please spread awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease!

ALZ awareness month NOV

New Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease Research!!

An international group of scientists discover 11 previously unknown genes!!!!

Click on the link below to learn more…


Alzheiner’s DNA Study


Please click on the link below for an article from BBC news regarding an Alzheimer’s DNA study!!


In Memory of…

Good Afternoon from Alzheimers Research Foundation!!

We would like to take a moment to honor the memory of…

Juanita M. Simpson

a loving donation was made in her name. Thank you.

Thank you for the Donations in Memory of….

Edna Roth Griffith will be remembered with loving memories form her friends and family.

We at Alzheimers Research Foundation would like to thank all of you on behalf of her son for all of your donations made to us…

In Memory of Edna Roth Griffith.

The outpouring of love was overhelming. Thank you to the couple from Massachusetts

for sending us a copy of Ms. Griffiths obituary. May you all find peace in her loving memory.


Please click on the link below to see her beautiful obituary.


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